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Hey guys! This is my second year doing ITPE and I am super excited and hopefully better at these letters by now! I adore podfic, so I promise I'm a pretty easy person to record for! Fandoms and favorite things below for your perusing, as well as minor squicks!

Marvel: Oh god, this fandom. It is the current love of my life, and literally ANYTHING with Steve Rogers in it is a win. I have a deep fondness for Steve/Tony and Clint/Coulson, but Steve/Anyone is always a win. I love all the Avengers with a passion, and adorable team bonding gen fic is A+! Awesome ladies give me life, so anything with Natasha, Darcy, Pepper, or Peggy is also great. I really just love everyone you guys. More familiar with movies, but I'm dipping into 616 and know enough that comics podfic would also be a-okay! Agents of SHIELD is also great, with basically any pairing! Bonus if it also has the avengers in it. Poly ships are fantastic no matter what!

Supernatural/SPN RPS: I am big on Wincest and J2, and usually don't read or listen to much outside of that. Destiel isn't something I am super into, even though I adore both Castiel and Misha Collins! I like Gen fic, and love hurt!Sam or Dean (I am partial to Sam, but ADORE Dean as well). I will also read Wincestiel, if that's something you're into :)

Bandom (FOB, MCR, Panic!): Panic 2.0 is the band of my heart, and I am That Person who is still not over the breakup. That being said, Ryan Ross is my forever love, and anything with him is a win! Brendon, Spencer, Jon, and Ryan in any combination or in GSF is always fantastic for me! In FOB I mostly just listen to Pete/Patrick, and in MCR I do Gerard/Frank.

Teen Wolf: I am a super casual TW fan (still on season 2 I think >.<), so nothing too spoilery or recent would probably work best if you go with this? I am partial to Sterek, but love Stiles/Scott, Scott/Derek, whatever. I adore Derek, Stiles, and Scott most, so any mix of pairings that has one of them in it would be lovely. Pack and bonding type fics are also totally great!

Welcome to NightVale: :D I love Nightvale, and like everyone, I ship Carlos/Cecil so hard. Basically anything with that pairing is a green light.

General Kinks/Tropes/Squicks:

I like: basically everything. Kink stuff, underage, incest, BDSM, etc. is all cool with me, especially D/S stuffs. Age gap is fine, and usually dub con is okay if it turns out with a happy-ish ending. I love soul-bonding, fake boyfriends, best friends who fall in love, kidfic!, curtain fic, powers!fic, magic aus, and AUs in general are a big win with me. Also, possessive and jealousy fic is pretty rad, but polyamory gives me LIFE, so no love triangles please!

Problematic things: Non-con is a no go, and so is humiliation(in BDSM and just general embarassment if it's too much. I get secondhand embarassment like woah). Character death can be tricky but let's go with it's cool if it's fix it or if it is warned for! Torture (looking at you SPN) can be squicky, but I'm okay with it in H/C fic if the focus is on the comfort/healing, and the hurt isn't too descriptive. Infidelity is also tricky, so it's best to just stay away from that, I think.

Once again, it looks like I wrote a ton, but mostly because I basically love everything and I ramble a lot. I am really excited for anything you do, podficcer, and I will love it to death! Pick something YOU enjoy, and I will enjoy it too.

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Hello! I've never participated in ITPE before, but it is part of the reason I decided to make a twitter, so I'm so excited to be a part of it this year! I'm pretty easy to please, and anything you make me will probably thrill me beyond all possible reason, but here are some things I particularly love, and some things that kind of squick me and might make it hard for me to listen to the wonderful podfic you make!

Details under cut )

Okay, wow, this looks like a lot, but I promise I'm not picky! It looks like a lot because I basically love everything and I ramble a lot. I am really excited for anything you do, podficcer, and I will love it to death! Pick something YOU enjoy, and I will enjoy it too.

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So, here's my card fo [livejournal.com profile] podfic_bingo! I kept forgetting to post, but I'm trying to motivate myself to get on it. I already have fics lined up to complete challenges, just need to record! I was going to go for a blackout without any repeats (i.e using one fic to fill two squares) but I decided that was way to difficult. So, I think I have a decent chance of filling this, at least enough to get Bingo, although I'm aiming for a blackout. We'll see, I guess.
miss_marina95's Podfic Bingo!
Slur/MumbleHarlequinIncorporate Verbal Effects Night of the Living DeadWild Card-Child Character Bedtime Stories<10 Minutes Long Double Bottom Line
Crossover/FusionLower Pitch Effect Night of the Living DeadRead Slowly (for you) Bedtime StoriesRepod Cold All AlongRead with a Smile I Just Can't Wait To Be Clean
Record with your BodyHigher Pitch Effect Bedtime StoriesWild Card! Gen Double Bottom LineRead a Fic Cold Babies.Read without Cues Night of the Living Dead
Minor Character Babies.Unfamiliar GenreRead Quietly Bedtime StoriesOut of OrderRead Sadly
Sing All AlongRead Sleepily Bedtime StoriesRead Quickly (for you) I Just Can't Wait To Be CleanFemslashFairy Tale Bedtime Stories

Too Cute...

Jun. 7th, 2012 07:46 pm
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Did anyone else see this? I just saw it on Deviantart and thought it was too cute!

Apparently it's from an article, kinda hazy on the details. Here's a photo of the article clip if anyone's curious: here

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Hi! So, I'm still on winter break (until the 17th) and one would think that I would take advantage of that and get a bunch of crap done before school starts up and I have to deal with Chem at 7am *shudder*. However, I suck. This is why I signed up for j2_everafter, plus I claimed a prompt at the current ohsam challenge. I also got permission to podfic a story. This would be my first podfic, so I'm really nervous but excited, AND I got a microphone for christmas! So I'm eager to get started, but alas, I suck.

My everafter fic is due in THREE days and I'm am still writing. I have the whole thing outlined, but still! Plus, this my first time writing J2 and I'm terrified that I will get the characterization horribly wrong. I'm gonna see if I can get it beta'd soon-ish.

*Sigh* My point is, I am a procrastinater. Example: I am supposed to be finishing fic, but instead I'm writing this. *facepalm* Right, going now.
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Hello! So, this is miss_marina95, formerly known as jessimari195. I decided to change my name and finally become more active! I have some stories to upload onto here and some new ones that have to be edited and posted, but a lot of things coming! So, I decided to make a new intro post for my journal. :)

So Hi!! I'm miss_marina95, and I'm still fairly new to LJ, but really excited to be here! My main fandom is Supernatural, but I'm starting to branch off a bit, so who knows. I do support wincest and j2, although I occasionally read other pairings and gen stories as well. I'm a Sam-girl, but as an older sister I can sympathize a lot with Dean and write from his perspective a lot. I'm branching off into bandom now, and I love Ryden, despite canon difficulties.

I'm an avid reader and I'm always looking for new things to read, whether it's fanfic or a novel. I love recs, so if you read something you're dying to share and gush about, let me know! I'd love to hear about it. :) Something else I might try is podficcing, though I'm still trying to figure it out.

I don't plan on friendslocking this journal, although if I write something very personal or family-related that I don't particularily want to share with everyone, it may be locked. Other than that, I'm an open book!

Incase you couldn't tell, I tend to ramble and my train-of-thought is spastic at best, so bare with me. I love making friends, although I'm kinda crappy at it. I may disappear for weeks at a time, but I read fics almost every day. I'm going to try and get better at posting and keeping in touch and commenting, for god's sake.

Well, I think I'm done. Crap, I write alot. Sorry, and welcome to my journal! I hope you enjoy :)
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Holy crap.... the time has finally come! :faint: I am going to the LA Supernatural convention tomorrow!!! :w00t: I know!!!! I can't believe it either.

I am mega nervous, first convention and all. I'm going to try and take pictures and vids, but I make no promises! To be honest, the convention people kind of scare me. :no: I'm terrified they'll catch me and, I don't know, ban me or something. It's stupid I know, but still. I'll do my best, but I think I'll leave the partially illegal taping to those with experience. :giggle: The pro's vids will come out much better than my novice ones ever could anyways!

The only downside is I might miss the new episode! Did everyone catch the last one? Amazing!!!! I can't wait for the next one, but I might have to. *sigh* Oh well. Small price to pay.

I'll try to update here everyday, but I don't know how the internet will be or how much time I'll have. Wish me luck!

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Holy Crap. I hope everyone already expects me to fangirl all over this before anything constructive comes out of my mouth right? Spoilers and Fangirly-ness below )

Oh, side note. I've been homesick with strep throat for the past few days, so life was a little sucky for a bit. Also, PST (Pacific Standard Time). Since I'm in friggin' California, most of you saw this episode hours before I did. So, I had to try and avoid spoilers while desperately counting down until 9pm here. Yeah, not that huge a deal, but I still pouted. Damn California. P.S I figured out the damn cuts!!! Yes!!! *dances*
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(Warning: possible spoilers for Like a Virgin and definate language ahoy)

Right, well by now everyone knows how the souless CW exec's fucked up and postponed the Supernatural premiere, and neglected to tell us until a day before the set date. *deep breath* Right, well, screw those dipshit's, I am not going to let them get me down on my birthday! Instead, I'm gorging myself on all things fandom to make up for it :)

Seriously though, as bad as this sounds, I feel better knowing how pissed all the other fans are about this as well. Guess Misery does love company :P Oh, and have any of you seen the new promo for Like A Virgin? Jesus Christ, it just makes you want it all the more! Here's a link to the one I saw on youtube, incase anyone wants it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YgrhOHGl18&feature=feedu 

I'm actually having an awesome birthday. Tomorrow's the party, so today I've been hanging with my dad and going to watch some movies with my mom and my siblings. I guess in the long run, waiting a few extra days won't make that much of a difference, because once it's back on, it will be epic!
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Well, seems I finally caved and got a LiveJournal account! I'm noticed that similar people often frequent the same circles, so a lot of my favorite fanfic people had accounts here. I found really awesome stories here too, and decided, what the hey. I'll make an account. Will anything actually come of this? We shall see.

Like I said in my info thingy, I'm more of a reader/viewer than a writer/creater. I can't draw to save my life, but I enjoy writing, and have sold my soul to Supernatural, so it seems ;). I write mostly canon, brotherly fluff stuff, but will admit Wincest and J2 are my OTP's. I occasionally read Destiel, etc., but only if it's really good. I hope to post stuff up soon, and admit that the SPN kink meme is a guilty pleasure of mine. I may or may not post things in relation to that, it all depends on the lines I decide to cross :P

*cough* Anywho, thats pretty much all I have to say. If anyone reads this, thanks for stopping by!


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