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So, here's my card fo [livejournal.com profile] podfic_bingo! I kept forgetting to post, but I'm trying to motivate myself to get on it. I already have fics lined up to complete challenges, just need to record! I was going to go for a blackout without any repeats (i.e using one fic to fill two squares) but I decided that was way to difficult. So, I think I have a decent chance of filling this, at least enough to get Bingo, although I'm aiming for a blackout. We'll see, I guess.
miss_marina95's Podfic Bingo!
Slur/MumbleHarlequinIncorporate Verbal Effects Night of the Living DeadWild Card-Child Character Bedtime Stories<10 Minutes Long Double Bottom Line
Crossover/FusionLower Pitch Effect Night of the Living DeadRead Slowly (for you) Bedtime StoriesRepod Cold All AlongRead with a Smile I Just Can't Wait To Be Clean
Record with your BodyHigher Pitch Effect Bedtime StoriesWild Card! Gen Double Bottom LineRead a Fic Cold Babies.Read without Cues Night of the Living Dead
Minor Character Babies.Unfamiliar GenreRead Quietly Bedtime StoriesOut of OrderRead Sadly
Sing All AlongRead Sleepily Bedtime StoriesRead Quickly (for you) I Just Can't Wait To Be CleanFemslashFairy Tale Bedtime Stories
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Hi! So, I'm still on winter break (until the 17th) and one would think that I would take advantage of that and get a bunch of crap done before school starts up and I have to deal with Chem at 7am *shudder*. However, I suck. This is why I signed up for j2_everafter, plus I claimed a prompt at the current ohsam challenge. I also got permission to podfic a story. This would be my first podfic, so I'm really nervous but excited, AND I got a microphone for christmas! So I'm eager to get started, but alas, I suck.

My everafter fic is due in THREE days and I'm am still writing. I have the whole thing outlined, but still! Plus, this my first time writing J2 and I'm terrified that I will get the characterization horribly wrong. I'm gonna see if I can get it beta'd soon-ish.

*Sigh* My point is, I am a procrastinater. Example: I am supposed to be finishing fic, but instead I'm writing this. *facepalm* Right, going now.


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