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Hello! I've never participated in ITPE before, but it is part of the reason I decided to make a twitter, so I'm so excited to be a part of it this year! I'm pretty easy to please, and anything you make me will probably thrill me beyond all possible reason, but here are some things I particularly love, and some things that kind of squick me and might make it hard for me to listen to the wonderful podfic you make!


  • Supernatural/SPN RPS: I am big on Wincest and J2, and usually don't read or listen to much outside of that. Destiel isn't something I am super into, even though I adore both Castiel and Misha Collins! I like Gen fic, and love hurt!Sam or Dean (I am partial to Sam, but ADORE Dean as well). I will also read Wincestiel, if that's something you're into :)

  • Bandom (FOB, MCR, Panic!): I just got into bandom and it is the love of my life. Here, I have no favorite pairings and basically anything is far game. In regards to MCR and FOB, Pete/Patrick, Frank/Gerard, etc. are what I read/listen to the most of because that's the most popular ship, but I really have no preference. Waycest? Bring it. Cross-Band relationships? I'm down. If there are pairings with characters outside of these three bands, I'm cool with it (i.e cobra starship, gym class heroes, TAI). Panic! At the Disco is the band of my heart. I love them to bits and pieces, and I have a special place in my heart for Ryan Ross. I love Panic 2.0 fic (Ryan, Brendon, Jon, Spencer), GSF fic is the BEST, but mixing and matching the pairings is also totally fine. My epic love for Ryan Ross is insane, so if you give me ANY podfic with him in it, I will love you for ever. It can be Bden/Spencer with best friend Ryan, it can be Bden/Ryan/Spencer, it can be a totally random pairing with Ryan, it can be a MCR/FOB fic that features him even briefly, and I will probably love it. He doesn't need to be in it of course, but if he is, bonus :D

  • Teen Wolf: Also another thing I just got into, and I have no real OTP for this. I am partial to Sterek, but love Stiles/Scott, Scott/Derek, whatever. I adore Derek, Stiles, and Scott most, so any mix of pairings that has one of them in it would be lovely. Pack and bonding type fics are also totally great!

  • Welcome to NightVale: :D I love Nightvale, and like everyone, I ship Carlos/Cecil so hard. Basically anything with that pairing is a green light.

  • Harry Potter: This is my oldest fandom, and one I didn't read that much in because I was a BB fangirl. I ship Harry/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, and Harry/Hermione/Ron, but that was as far as I got in that fandom. I never really read slash or incest, but feel free to podfic something that has that! I missed out the first time around ;)

General Kinks/Tropes/Squicks:

  • I like: basically everything. Kink stuff, underage, incest, BDSM, etc. is all cool with me. Age gap is fine, and usually dub con is okay if it turns out with a happy-ish ending. I love soul-bonding, fake boyfriends, best friends who fall in love, kidfic!, curtain fic, powers!fic, magic aus, and AUs in general are a big win with me. Also, possessive and jealousy fic!!

  • Problematic things: Non-con is a no go, and so is humiliation and character death. Torture (looking at you SPN) can be triggery, but I'm okay with it in H/C fic if the focus is on the comfort/healing, and the hurt isn't too descriptive. Infidelity is tricky, so it's best to just stay away from that, I think.

Okay, wow, this looks like a lot, but I promise I'm not picky! It looks like a lot because I basically love everything and I ramble a lot. I am really excited for anything you do, podficcer, and I will love it to death! Pick something YOU enjoy, and I will enjoy it too.

miss_marina95 (Jess)
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