Oct. 9th, 2015

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Dear Podficcer Letter 2015

IT IS ITPE TIME AGAIN :D I adore ITPE, and I think I'm pretty easy to record for! I have gotten slightly more mono-fannish, but here are some favorite things below for your perusing, as well as minor squicks!

Marvel: (currently my primary *coughONLYcough* fandom, but it's massive)
MCU- my main involvement in the Marvel fandom comes from MCU! I love the Avengers so, so much, and Steve Rogers is my life. My OTP is Steve/Tony, so anything with them is an automatic win! However, Steve/Anyone is a pretty big win (except with Loki, sorryyyy). In terms of het ships, I have a fondness for Steve/Darcy and Steve/Peggy! But seriously, anything Steve will make me so happy. Poly ships are also always a win for me!

Agent Carter- If Steve is my life, Peggy Carter is my love. I adore Peggy, and anything with her and other awesome ladies is a win! Peggy/Steve, Peggy/Angie, and Peggy/Jarvis are all great for me here, or just something Gen with amazing Peggy would be lovely!

Agents of SHIELD- I am actually a bit behind on thsi show, but generally anything Skye-centric is great for me! Honestly, I love everyone on this team except Ward, but Skye, Melinda, Jemma, Fitz, Tripp, or Coulson are all fantastic for me.

616/Cartoons- I am only just dipping my toes into full on comics, and have seen a fair number of the cartoons geared towards (basically only) 8 yr olds. While I would love to receive something here, my canon knowlegde might be lacking. Therefore, I would probably go with AUs or things that you don't need a deep knowlegde of comics to follow along with. Team feels or something Steve/Tony will probably always be a win, no matter what.

General Kinks/Tropes/Squicks:

I like: basically everything. Kink stuff, underage, incest, BDSM, etc. is all cool with me, especially D/S and power dynamic things. Age gap is fine, and usually dub con is okay if it turns out with a happy-ish ending. I ALSO enjoy fluffy things, if kink is not your jam! I love literally every trope ever, I am not kidding. I love soul-bonding, kidfic, best friends who fall in love, genderswap (!!!), domestic-y/family feels fic, powers!fic, magic aus, and AUs in general are a big win with me. Also, possessive and jealousy fic is pretty rad, but polyamory gives me LIFE, so no love triangles please! Femmeslash is also fantastic, both with female characters and with genderswap.

I don't like: Ward or Loki are better just to stay away from, although there are a few Loki things I've enjoyed. No non-con or torture, although H/C is rad! I just don't like super explicit torture or rape. Death fic is a no, as is infidelity and dark AUs (again, I've read some good ones, but this is just trickier, so lets go with nah).

I am....done? I think so? I'm pretty easy, and my bookmarks on AO3 here are a pretty solid indicator of things I love. Twitter is also, as always, a great place to find out more about what I like, and paraka, sapphirescribe, or vassalady are all pretty knowledgeable when it comes to things I love.

Thank you so much for whatever you create! I already can't wait to listen :D

Jess (miss_marina95)

miss_marina95 (Jess)


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